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Vista Alternative School Overview

How can WE help YOU?


  • Offer ongoing enrollment throughout the school year.
  • Will work with any general education student in grades 7-12.
  • Offer experienced, in-depth teacher instruction to facilitate all online work.
  • Measure attendance by completed work.
  • Provide a variety of workspaces to accommodate different learning needs.
  • Welcome students to attend a semester, a year, or until graduation.
  • Are flexible in meeting the needs of students.

Welcome to Vista Alternative School. Success in school is guaranteed with proper planning, self-discipline, and academically focused behavior. Classes are comprised of a blended learning model that includes rigorous content available through the Edmentum PLATO program, teacher instruction, tutorials, and group discussion. Edmentum is an approved course provider by the University of California (UC) “a-g” program.

Counselors and/or administrators have created a learning plan for each student. Learners will meet the state core learning standards in subject areas necessary for graduation. The learning system is a “mastery” based concept established upon what the student knows and is able to master. The eighteen-week semester courses are rigorous and meet the California educational requirements including Core Subject “a-g” requirements. Although students attend class only twice weekly, they must work throughout the week at home to complete the 5 days of tasks provided in each week of the 6 assigned courses.

Earning Credits:

5 credits are earned for completing the course modules, post-tests, and end of semester assessments. Participation is shown through engagement in learning. Students who do not earn a minimum of 60% on the work will not pass the class and will not earn any credits. NO partial credit is earned!

Approximate Grade Breakdown                 Grading Scale                              Grade Earned
10 % Module                                                         100%- 90%                                               A
5% Discussion                                                        89%- 80%                                                B
25% Post-test                                                         79%-70%                                                 C
25% Activity                                                            69%-60%                                                 D
35% End-of-Semester Assessment                    Below 60%                                               F

PLATO Grading: Grades are done on a percentage basis. Pre-Tests, Post-Tests, and End of Semester Assessments MUST be UNLOCKED by the teacher and taken only on the VISTA campus. To “master” a module students complete a tutorial and a 5-10 question test. Each Unit has a post-test. Each course has an end-of-course test. Students may retake module tests, but the post-tests and finals are limited to one attempt. Some courses include Unit and Course Activities which require planning, research, writing, powerpoint presentations, and speeches. Students will need to see the instructor prior to embarking on these tasks. Be sure to allow extra time in your pacing to accommodate these assignments.


Vista Staff Contact Information


Salvador Herrera, Principal

(510) 657-9155

Ext. 49105


Amy Perez, Vice-Principal

(510) 657-9155

Ext. 49111


Sarah Wilson, Registrar

(510) 657-9155

Ext. 49113


Mike Hellerud, Counselor

(510) 657-7028

Ext. 49206


Renee Swayze, Teacher
(510) 657-7028
Ext. 49217


Sarah Monte, Teacher

(510) 657-7028

Ext. 49217


Colette Moran-Medina, Teacher

(510) 657-7028

Ext. 49227


Aliya Babar, Teacher

(510) 657-7028

Ext. 49248

Kim Ebert, Teacher
(510) 657-7028
Ext. 49218


Jonah Stanford, Teacher
(510) 657-7028
Ext. 49236


Mary Verghese, Teacher
(510) 657-7028
Ext. 49218


Delilah Hinojoza-Rood, Principal's Secretary

(510) 657-9155

Ext. 49101


Nan Zhao, Vista Attendance Clerk


(510) 657-7028

Ext. 49200