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Staff at Robertson

ROBERTSON (657-9155) ~ VISTA (657-7028) ~ FAX for both sites (657-5535)

e-mail addresses use the first letter of their first name and the entire last name, in all lower case, followed by

Sal Herrera ext. 49105
Sheila Jemo ext. 49111



Annabel Chai ext. 49109



Stephanie Galguera, Hume, ext. 49201
Dina Lara, SPED, ext. 49106
Daniel Barrs/Zairin Hussain, Therapists, ext 49503
Angelica Rogers, Psychologist, ext. 49502



Martha Alvarez ext. 49011
Paul Barry ext. 49021
David Bravo ext. 49031
Cecilia Foti ext. 49024
Peter Holley ext. 49214
Rena Kao ext. 49212
Shanthi Kathiresan ext. 49015
Lauren Kincheloe ext. 49025
Alicia Miranda ext. 49129
Belinda Musto ext. 49019
Gavin Puccio ext. 49029
Carol Puklus ext. 49213
Carla Schroeder, ext. 49118
Tiffany Stelle-Billman ext. 49016
Indu Subash ext. 49014
Suzette Takei, ext. 49211
Keith Weymouth ext. 49017 




Rajul Shah ext. 49107



Mary Barrs, Attendance Clerk, ext. 49104

Delilah Hinojoza, Principal's Secretary, ext. 49101

Saritha Puranikmath, Para-Educator, ext. 49014

Jeweley Risinger, Campus Supervisor

Olivia Rodriguez, Career Technician, ext. 49022

Asiya Subedar, Account Clerk II, ext. 49012

Duarte Teixeira, Day Custodian, ext. 49060

Ashley Williams, Night Custodian

Sarah Wilson, Registrar, ext. 49103

Nan Zhao, Office Assistant II, ext. 49113


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