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Vision Statement

Vista Alternative School Vision Statement
Education (Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment)
Staff will:
• provide a rigorous, A-G, standards-based curriculum.
• use a variety of instructional strategies to engage and incorporate instructional intervention for our students.
• have high expectations of our students and ourselves.
• use a variety of methods to assess and refine our students’ education as part of an ongoing cycle of inquiry.

School Environment (Safety, Culture, Climate)
Staff will:
• promote a safe and respectful school environment by modeling positive communication, exhibiting respectful behaviors, and developing a climate where all are welcome and safe.
• cultivate a school environment that values learning and success by recognizing and rewarding student growth.
• continue to develop, refine, and implement protocols to ensure student and staff safety.

Community Relations (All Stakeholders)
Staff will:
• strategically create partnerships with all stakeholders by planning inclusive events and activities.
• regularly communicate in a variety of ways with all stakeholders and ask them for their feedback about the services we provide.

School Support Services
Staff will:
• make sure that each student has an individual academic plan.
• provide access to student information in a timely manner by using the PLATO communication center
• provide a variety of on-site interventions including: academic, social/emotional and substance abuse counseling.

Real World Applications (School-to-work, making learning meaningful, ROP, career guidance/counseling)
Staff will:
• provide access, resources, and support for students to complete 40 service learning hours.
• promote ROP courses.