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Service Learning Information

One of the FUSD graduation requirements is for each student to perform service learning hours.  A list of non profit organizations has been provided for you.    Remember to ask Mrs. Miranda in Room 29A for a RHS Service Learning Project form BEFORE volunteering or log onto the website under Contacts & Resources.

Note:  California residents were required to stay home due to COVID-19; therefore the required service learning hours were reduced.  The required service learning hours for graduation are as follows:  

*Class of 2023 - 20 hours

*Class of 2024 - 30 hours

*Class of 2025 - 40 hours


Service Learning is volunteer work done for the benefit of our community or school.  Many non-profit charitable organizations in the area need volunteers and this work can qualify for service learning.  The volunteer work must be clearly linked to the curriculum of a class you are currently taking at Robertson High School or in R.O.P.  All service learning hours must be earned outside of the school day.

Service learning hours must be earned through non-profit organizations, registered as 501(c) beginning with your Freshman year.  For example, you may tutor at the Homework Express at the Newark Library; however, you may not tutor your neighbor for free because it is not through a non-profit organization.  If you are unsure if the organization is non-profit, ASK!

You may volunteer through religious organizations such as churches or temples, but the service must be secular.  Teaching religious classes or distributing religious materials will NOT count.  Activities such as food/clothing drives or building houses do count.  Religious work or work that promotes a religious organization, including , maintenance of grounds and meals connected to a service DO NOT count.

Service Learning and Community Service may now be considered the same thing in many cases, meaning students can often count community service they do for clubs and extra curricular activities as service learning hours for graduation as long as you are not a member of that club. If you will be doing community service work for a club activity that you are not a member of and want to know if you can get hours, please check with Mr. Barry and he will let you know.  Science camp during spring or winter break can count for service learning hours.

The following activities DO NOT count for service hours:

  1. Tasks that assume the responsibilities of a teaching assistant (eg. filing, grading papers, cleaning   classrooms).
  2. Religious work or work that promotes a religious organization, including maintenance of grounds and meals connected to a service.
  3. Fundraising for an event where they money goes back to a club, organization, or team that a student is a member of.
  4. Court mandated service hours
  5. Opportunities which require an exchange of money, goods, or donations for hours.



  1. Student finds/creates service project, fills out project description and student information portions of form.
  2. Student has organizations supervisor fill out the Location of Service portion of the form.
  3. Student completes hours (keeping a log of hours on form), gets adult supervisor (non-family member) to sign-off when work is completed.
  4. If student is volunteering for more than 10 hours, a letter of verification on the organizations letterhead must be included with the form.
  5. Student makes and keeps copies of all forms related to their project.
  6. Student returns completed forms to Mrs. Miranda in Room 29A for final approval and to be entered on their transcript.